Le Vent du Nord - 20 Printemps (Pre-order)

To celebrate their 20th anniversary this year, the multi award-winning band Le Vent du Nord (the Wind of the North) have created an album titled 20 Printemps (20 Springtimes). Springtime signifies rebirth and rejuvenation – hallmarks of a band that over the course of two decades has consistently expanded and developed its musical vision. A delightful mix of their own compositions and traditional songs, sourced from national archives, the dozen tracks feature the band’s trademarks: call-and-response vocals, sublime harmonies, energetic podorythmie (foot tapping) and hurdy-gurdy playing that drive the rhythm of the tunes. 

Le Vent du Nord – 20 Printemps ©2022

Album available in CD, vinyl (coming soon) or MP3 (coming soon).



Available January 28

Pre-order delivered from January 28, 2022.