20 ans de Vent – Le Vent du Nord

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20 years of music 30 scores: Le Vent du Nord is a band from Quebec that interprets the traditional repertoire of their ancestors’ oral tradition and crossbreeding, as well as creating music without age or borders. For 20 years now, these singers and musicians have been traveling the world to present their country, their traditions, their memories and their aspirations.

Today, the group is making available a collection of 30 songs and instrumental works from its discography. Here are songs and tunes of violin, accordion, hurdy-gurdy or bouzouki melodies for your musical evenings, accompanied by piano, guitar or podorythmia. You will find in this retrospective the complete scores of their arrangements, as well as the texts of their songs with the basic chords. You will also be able to discover some unpublished photos, memories of so many meetings and travels.