Nicolas Boulerice – Maison de pierres


One voice and one double bass for 13 traditional laments and soundscapes with Nicolas Boulerice (vocal) and Frédéric Samson (double bass).

Maison de pierres – second opus of Nicolas Boulerice’s triptych – is an album carved in the collective memory. Steps and steps make some old songs meet there with cool jazz or minimalist music. A proposal that is both obvious and disconcerting, all carried by a single instrument, the double bass. A walk carrying hundreds of years of travel songs through the soundscape of a Quebec countryside confined to the spring of 2020. Recorded in the Church of Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu.

…The meeting of Adam de la Halle and Steve Reich in a lumber camp…


Available in physical CD version or digital MP3 album (320 kbps) + Booklet.