Jocelyn Thouin et ses Pas dociles – Bonheur sur gage


As the poet, poetry lives among us, breathes with us. Jocelyn Thouin’s poems talk about humanity trying to keep smiling while everything is crumbling down.  This album offers a musical and poetic journey to heat up souls and heart. Influenced by North American musics (trad, rock, folk, blues), this band offer a unique mix of ancient and modern styles. The poet descibes social humans walking together, more alone than ever. In collective memories, he find enough strenght to get up again!

With Olivier Demers (producer, fiddle, guitar), Jean-François Branchaud (tenor guitar, fiddle, bass) and Jean-François Berthiaume (percussions, foot-tapping).

JT001 6-86186-95863-4 | © 2021

Offert en version CD physique ou en album numérique MP3 (320 kbps).