Le Vent du Nord – Les amants du Saint-Laurent


With unparalleled musicality, the band members of Le Vent du Nord bring to life the stories, memories and tunes from Québec. The group has performed more than 1,800 concerts on four continents, has released nine albums, and has won several prestigious awards, including a GRAND PRIX DU DISQUE CHARLES CROS (France), two JUNO AWARDS and one FÉLIX award at ADISQ 2015 for their latest record, TÊTU. Featuring singers and multi-instrumentalists Nicolas Boulerice, Simon Beaudry, Olivier Demers, and Réjean Brunet, the band plays music that is undoubtedly of its time.

Le Vent du Nord – Les amants du Saint-Laurent ©2005
Borealis Records

Available in digital MP3 album (320 kbps).

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